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Emily and Todd wanted a small & intimate wedding on the beach. There are only a few places where you can do this in Laguna Beach. Hotel Laguna is possibly the oldest hotel in Laguna Beach (1888) and they actually own the beach in front of the property! (which means you won’t get hassled by THE MAN!) They invited their closest friends and family and had lunch in a private banquet room afterwards. This wedding was short & sweet- and you couldn’t ask for a nicer beach! Congrats guys! Thanks for sharing your wedding day with us!

-Brian & Jennifer


  • How did you guys meet?
    Emily relocated to Orange County from North Carolina for a new job and finally decided to dip a toe into the scary online dating waters where she was first connected with Todd, a SoCal native. Our first date involved a lengthy walk all the way down Newport Beach peninsula (part of Emily’s training for a 60 mile walk in San Diego a few months later) to have lunch and get to know one another. It turned out to be a perfect So Cal date!
  • On April 4th, we went out for a late evening dinner (complete with our favorite octopus salad!) at Laguna Sapphire outside near the fire pit and then walked down to the beach after dinner where Todd proposed in the very same spot where we shared our first kiss – 18 months to the day!




Florist: Jenny B Floral Design
Officiant: Mandy Fleming
Wedding Cake: Simply Sweet Cakery
Venue/Hotel: Hotel Laguna
Hair/makeup: Salon Bellagio
Photo/Video: Gilmore Studios
Wedding dress: Tadashi Shoji
Grooms attire: Calvin Klein

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Emily & Todd’s Beach Wedding at Hotel Laguna from Gilmore Studios on Vimeo.

Photography & video by Gilmore Studios
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