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This was a wedding Brian and Mike Villa photographed at the garden last month! (Huge thanks to Mike for 2nd shooting for us!) We started out at the park for the first look and family formals and then came back to the garden in Newport Beach for the wedding and reception. This was a very low key, relaxed wedding! Pam and Ken only invited family and closest friends to celebrate their wedding day. The bride works with a good friend of ours and asked about using the garden for their wedding! This is the same spot we had our wedding reception so we are always happy to work there 🙂 Congrats guys! We enjoyed getting to know you and your beautiful new family!

Bride: Pamela
Groom: Kenneth
Tell us about your first date:
Ken’s version – We met at Starbucks, she was late! She had hot chocolate and I had coffee. She wore a skirt with a slit up to there! We talked for a long time. I knew she was definitely for me. We kissed goodnight in the parking lot.

Ken went to NY 12.26.14 to visit his sister, husband and nephew. I had and envelope for him to open everyday he was there. On 12.31.14 I had two envelopes and a box for him to open each open first, second., etc. The letter told him how I felt about him and at the bottom of the page it told him to open the envelope marked “Open 2nd”. There was a mini photo book inside. A pic of both of us on the outside and when opened a pic of Aidan on the left with “Will”, on the right side was Chloe with “You”, flip page and Evan on the left with “Marry”, and Gavan on the right with “Us. and flip to last page with a pic us with a “?”. One the next page of the letter I asked “On this last day of 2014, will you agree to marry the five of us and open the next chapter of our life together?” and told him to open the box marked open 3rd. In the box was a Ring Pop. He immediately sent me a text saying yes.
Where is your favorite place to eat?
The Skyroom in Long Beach
What do you like to do for fun?
go to the movies with just the 2 of us.
Playing card or board games or Just Dance with the kids
What is your favorite date you have had together?
Ken – our first date
Pam – Getting dressed up and having a romantic dinner at the Sky Room.
What is your favorite dessert or treat?
Ken – fresh peach pie Pam – creme brulee
If you could vacation anywhere – where would it be?
Ken – anywhere with Pam Pam – Hawaii or Carribean
What are your nicknames? (BOTH of you) 😉
Kens for Pam – Snowflake, Alabaster Angel Pam for Ken – Baby, Sweetie
What is your favorite quality about her?
sense of humor, dedication as a mom, high moral standards
What is your favorite quality about him?
generosity, patience and bravery – it takes a very special man to date someone with 4 kids let alone marry her
Favorite drink?
Dr. Pepper


View slide show of their wedding day:


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